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20th March 2009<br />meetings and presentations
20th March 2009
meetings and presentations
March 21-22 2009<br />workshops with Oscar Narud<br />and Tomek Rygalik
March 21-22 2009
workshops with Oscar Narud
and Tomek Rygalik
July 2009<br />research residency at nkd
July 2009
research residency at nkd
November 2009<br />workshops at nkd
November 2009
workshops at nkd
January 2010<br />production residency at nkd
January 2010
production residency at nkd
august 2010 <br /> presentation at nkd
august 2010
presentation at nkd
October 2010<br />exhibition at CCA
October 2010
exhibition at CCA
1st October, 2010<br />exhibitions opening at CCA
1st October, 2010
exhibitions opening at CCA
Presentation 2010
Presentation 2010